Feb 15, 2019 - Apr 2, 2019

Not only cigarettes

A new video art exhibition format

A project by Luca Leggero
Curated by Luca Leggero
Not only cigarettes

Not Only Cigarettes was a new video art exhibition format created in order to be shown through the screen of a cigarette vending machine. The project run both in real life (IRL), on a physical vending machine in Viareggio (Italy) and, URL, on the Green Cube Gallery exhibition space.

Luca Leggero transformed the integrated screen of a common vending machine into a video art display. This machine, which is located on the sidewalk outside a bar, is visible by drivers and random people who pass by. It works 24 hours a day streaming video art on loop to an unexpecting audience.

The exhibition opened on Friday 15th February at Bar Tabaccheria Marin in  Viareggio (Italy) and until April 2nd 2019, the machine looped one of the 32 participating artists!

Not Only Cigarettes was also on the Green Cube Gallery exhibition space. The users was be able to get insights in case they want to re-propose this exhibition format on their own local vending machine (there is a downloadable PDF form made available by the artist ). Furthermore, the gallery hosted ongoing sneak previews of the videos currently playing on the vending machine in real time.

The machine operated on weekdays featuring works by: Alessandro Giannetti, Alessandro Nucci, Ana Mrovlje, Carlo Galli, Carlo Zanni, Charles Regoli, Cristina Gardumi, Daniela D'Amore, Davide Bondielli, Devid Ciampalini, Diego Caglioni, Dom Barra, Dominik Podsiadly, Fred Cosci, Giacomo Verde, Gianluca Cupisti, Jennyfer Haddad, Luca Pozzi, Lucia Cristiani, Maicol Borghetti, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Marco Belfiore, Marco Cadioli, Marco Mendeni, Maria Chiara Gagliardi, Rachel Morellet, Rolenzo, Sandrine Deumier, Silvio Lorusso, Tatiana Villani, Valentina Lapolla, Vincent Moro.